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In today’s digital world, laptops and tablets are an intrinsic part of our lives. They go wherever we go. Laptops are fragile equipment and are expensive too. Therefore, these portable devices have to be kept safely as well as carried with ease. Besides keeping them clean and dust-free, they also need to be protected from minor shocks and bumps. Our leather laptop bag is designed for men in Australia in such a way that it takes into consideration utility, practicality and comfort. Besides the laptop, the leather bag has enough room to accommodate laptop accessories, a power bank and other electronic devices. What better way to carry them in style and safely than using our leather laptop bags. For extra safety, the laptop bag has a bag flap, a la messenger bag. It also has a broad cross body strap and a sturdy carry handle.

The laptop bag evolved from the messenger bag, which in turn evolved from the woollen bags that carriers used to deliver mail during World War 2. During World War, woollen messenger bags with similar contours that could be carried over the shoulder, were popular among dispatch riders who delivered mail.

The laptop bag’s colour gets a lustre that enhances its beauty, giving it a timeless yet upper-crust look. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and metal buckle fastenings to give the bag a retro look.

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Keeper Leather Messenger Bag
  • $65.00
Corporate Brown Briefcase Bag
  • $70.00
Classic Mainstream Leather Messenger Bag
  • $75.00
Revered Laptop Sleeve - Tan
  • $85.00
Vintage Laptop Sleeve- Dark Tan
  • $80.00
Uptown Laptop Sleeve- Felt
  • $105.00
The Retro Organizer Bag
  • $140.00
The Seven - Backpack
  • $120.00
Beast Craft Handmade Leather Messenger Bag
  • $99.00
Brown Buck- Handcrafted Leather Messenger Bag
  • $85.00
Black Buck- Handcrafted Leather Messenger Bag
  • $85.00
Corporate Black Briefcase Bag
  • $70.00
Retro Box Leather Messenger Bag
  • $99.00
Urbane Leather Messenger Bag- Half Flap
  • $70.00


Timeless Classic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag
  • $129.00
  • $90.00
Handcrafted Rugged Vintage Leather Messenger Bag
  • $110.00
Style Savvy Leather Roll Bag
  • $99.00
Vintage Rebel Leather Messenger Bag
  • $85.00