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Leather is an amazing natural fabric. One of man’s earliest discoveries, leather has been used as clothing, footwear and as tented accommodation to protect one from the elements, since ancient times. Once you get addicted to the smell, beauty and versatility of leather, it’s difficult to shake it off your back. 

Perhaps, it’s this addiction, or love for leather, which prompted Horse Planet Pvt Ltd — makers of one of the finest saddles and related accessories — to venture into making luxury leather goods under the brand name Leathershades.

Our Story

Horse Planet Pvt Ltd founder Gagan Gogia’s new business venture coincides with the arrival of a bundle of joy in the family. He believes the expanding family tree is symbolic of his expanding business dream too.

Now a little bit of Leathershade’s history. The project to make quality and affordable leather horse gear took shape in a small studio, equipped with frugal furniture, but abundant business ideas, at a nondescript place in Sydney, Australia. After much brainstorming, Horse Planet Pvt Ltd took birth in 2010

The company is driven by a passion for creating unique leather products. In over a decade, it gained enough experience in sourcing and supplying leather equestrian items. Leathershades is now crafting premium quality leather bags and accessories to cater to every taste and suit every pocket. Leathershades has on its racks, leather bags for both women and men; briefcases; leather accessories and leather furniture.


Leather Shades Story



The flagship company uses its expertise in all things leather to make affordable office and fashion accessories. Leathershades make and market both premium and day-to-day items. They include pure leather duffle bags, backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, leather suitcase tags, gift items and butterfly chairs. 

Leathershades brings together the finest material and stunning design to create exclusive items; leather accessories that have the Wow! factor stamped on them. Items that help the owner stand out in the crowd. Carry a leather bag by Leathershades and let the world know that you are not ordinary. You are Upper Crust!

The company would like to add that it follows ethical business practices and it would love to have a lasting relationship with its customers.

Best Quality Merchandise At The Most Reliable Value.

We at leather Shades Australia provides our customers and clients with the best value we can offer. Our products are suitable for all budgets. Our company ensures quality products have a reasonable price with guaranteed quality products. We also provide 14 days return policy in Australia.

Strict And Multiple Supervision.

The products manufactured at our factories are strictly managed and are reviewed exclusively by supervisors. Before packaging, the products go through multiple verifications that have high standards so that the chance of faulty products is minimum.

 Better Quality, Raw Materials And Manufacturing.

Our company explorers go through in search of the most excellent quality supplies to provide for our customers all around the world, collecting samples. The company also hires professional leather workers and labourers to work on the leather. We are ensuring Supreme quality from start to end for your class taste.


 Membership And Offers Customized Just For You.

Our company values the customer is the most. We take special care in arranging gifts and offers to show our gratitude. The leather shade Australia provides the best deals and offers precisely for every customer and their distinct needs.

Reliable Patron Service

Clients being our priority. We are always welcoming feedback and criticism. We provide full assistance before and after purchasing our products so that our client is never misguided in any manner.

So what's the wait? Join us and be a part of us. Witnessing superior and assured quality products with a very fashionable edge at a very amiable price.  Contact Us for any further queries !