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Best Leather Home Decor Australia

Add a Wow! factor to the favourite corner of your home with the leather butterfly chair. With tough hide upholstery and a tough iron frame to support it, the butterfly chair is more comfortable than it appears.

The Vintage Flair Butterfly Chair’s sleek look will not clutter your room. It is easy to move and clean; as it is collapsible, it is easy to store too. Originally designed by a team of Argentinian and Spanish designers in 1938, the Butterfly Chair became an icon of Latin American modernism. 

Our butterfly leather chair is user-friendly. It’s collapsible and can be stored easily. The genuine tan leather seat reflects perfect craftsmanship and it’s supported by a strong metal frame. Place it near the fireplace, mini bar, in your study or your favourite nook in the house, this leather lounge chair will make a loud statement of its own.

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